Advanced Control System

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Fully Integrated Controls

The Ampere EV control system is fully integrated from top to bottom. All control software was developed in house and designed to work together at every level. The Ampere battery management hardware was designed and manufactured specifically for the Atom Drive battery modules and integrates seamlessly with the vehicle’s control system. 

Battery Management System​

Advanced battery modeling and simulation​ with custom battery management control boards ​that monitor and manage battery temperature, charging, cell balancing, and high voltage contactors.

Vehicle Control Unit​

The vehicle control unit manages overall vehicle functionality, such as accessories, driver inputs, interior and exterior lighting, and drive control. Pre-configured and ready to install.

High Voltage Junction Box

The Ampere EV Junction box is among the most compact units on the market occupying a footprint of just 10.25 by 6.30 inches. The Junction box manages to house battery inputs and outputs, main traction pack fusing, accessory fusing, pre-charge circuit, HV discharge circuit, High Voltage Interlock Loop monitoring, and connectors for 5 high voltage accessory devices.

Vehicle Control Unit

The Ampere EV VCU provides the brain power to manage and control all of the vehicle’s systems and sub-systems. With 3 separate CAN networks, no single bus is every overloaded ensuring critical information is processed immediately by the powerful 260mhz tri-core processor. Functionality is seamlessly integrated meaning the Ampere VCU offers a truly plug and play user experience. There’s no need to worry about software downloads, calibrations, or configurations as it has all been pre-configured and tested long before shipping out.

The Ampere VCU features multiple layers of redundant fault detection logic to always ensure safe operation. The system constantly monitors and compares reported thermal and electrical status information from all networked devices to catch potential issues as early as possible. Complex sensor data arbitration means control algorithms automatically ignore faulty readings and maintain safe drivability at all times.

Battery Management System

The Ampere Battery Management System (BMS) was designed and developed in-house to suite the specific needs of the Aton Drive battery modules. Each board is managed by its own ARM processor and all boards within a system communicate freely with one another to optimize performance across the entire battery system. The BMS auto-identifies one bard to act as a primary controller for the rest and handle data communication with the Ampere VCU. Each individual board monitors battery cells through a state of the art Texas Instruments battery monitor chip. 3 chips per board work together with the MCU to relay all the critical data back to the primary controller. 

Atom Drive BMS boards also monitor the HVIL found in each battery module as well as control the onboard safety contractor, only energizing the battery module when all systems are connected properly.

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