High Voltage Junction Box Mounting

High voltage Junction Box Mounting Guide #

The Ampere EV Atom Drive System is designed to work the first time, every time. To maintain this, the Atom Drive System utilizes the custom Atom Drive High Voltage Junction box. This junction box is a compact and feature dense solution for EV power distribution. Incorporating traction pack fusing, fused HV accessory ports, main contactor, HV discharge circuit, and integrated HVIL; this component was designed to flawlessly integrate all components of the Atom Drive System.

Install Considerations #

  • Junction Box can be mounted in any orientation
  • Junction Box is waterproof but should be mounted in a protected location
  • High Voltage Out (to motor) is installed upside down in relation to other cables and must be assembled before mounting of junction box
  • All cable measurements and assembly should be completed before final mounting
  • Junction box is NOT waterproof unless all cables are connected or provided “dummy plugs” are installed

NOTE : High Voltage OUT to the motor is upside down in relation to high voltage IN from the battery.

Unless Junction Box is installed on an elevated platform, HV OUT will need to be assembled and connected to the junction box before final mounting in order to achieve a secure connection.

Junction Box Mounting #

NOTE: The high voltage cable being connected to HV OUT needs to be connected prior to mounting the junction box. Connection terminal is upside down in relation to other terminals and a proper connection cannot be made prior to mounting unless the junction box is mounted in an elevated position.

The Atom Drive System High Voltage Junction Box was designed to be Installed anywhere in the vehicle, at the user’s discretion. However, the junction box should ideally be installed in a centrally located, protected area. Because installation will be determined by the user, no mounting hardware will be included in the Atom Drive installation kit. There are four, pre-drilled, mounting holes, sized for 4mm mounting screws

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