Amphenol PowerLok High Voltage Connector Assembly

Assembly of Amphenol PowerLok High Voltage Connectors #

Note : Before assembly, cut cable to desired length

Note : Each step must be performed twice as there are two cables for each connector

Step 1 : Disassemble Connector #

1Alloy Shell x 1
2Insulation Housing x 2
3R4 Holder x 2
4Insulation x 2
5Copper Ring x 2
6Copper Shield Ring x 2
7Rubber Ring x 2
8End Cap x 2

Step 2 : Strip Cable #

Strip high voltage cable and cable shielding. Conductor cable must be stripped to 18mm, and shielding must be stripped back to 27mm.

Step 3 : Assemble Cable Side #

Take 1 of each (8) end cap, (7) rubber ring, (6) copper shield ring, (5) copper ring, and (4) insulation sleeve and assemble them through the cable in the order shown below. 

Note : Ampere EV ships shielded high voltage cables to be used in junction box installation. Shielding must be stripped back and secured by (5) copper ring

Step 4 : Crimp #

Take 1 of (3) R$ holder and crimp it with the cable conductor wire, as shown in the picture above.

Step 5 : Secure Cable Side Assembly #

Take 1 (6) copper shield ring and secure cable shield with (5) copper ring. Secure the braided shield between (5) copper ring and (6) copper shield ring. Trim off any excess braid as shown above.

Note : (6) copper shield ring should hold excess braid in place and fit firmly inside (5) copper ring.

Step 6 : Insulation Sleeve #

Take 1 (4) insulation sleeve and fit into the neck groove of (3) R4 holder, as shown above.

Note : (4) Insulation sleeve should fit comfortably between the neck groove of (3) R4 holder and top of (5) copper ring.

Step 7 : Secure End Cap #

Once all pieces are aligned, push (8) end cap into secure position as shown in the image above.

Note : The (8) end cap is not secured by anything at this moment; however, all parts so far, when pushed together, should align with no gaps between them. If parts are not resting together with no gaps, double check Step 5 was completed correctly before continuing

Step 8 : Seat the Insulation Housing #

Bring (2) insulation housing through (3) R4 holder and rotate until it arrives in stop position. (2) Insulation housing should rotate freely until seated. If properly seated, (2) insulation will not move freely.

Note : Make sure (3) R4 end is visible through the front opening of (2) insulation housing.

Step 9 : Install Alloy Shell #

Put (2) Insulation housing into (1) alloy shell, rotate cable until (2) insulation housing arrives at stop position. Screw (8) end cap into (1) alloy shell, to a torque of 10-12 N.m to finish the assembly.

Note : Steps 1-8 will need to be completed four times for the four high voltage cables included in the kit

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