Driving #

The Atom Drive system is meant to look and act like an OEM car, It should be predictable and intuitive to use. The car will turn on with ignition signal and will turn off within 10-15 seconds of ignition off.

Noises to expect #

When the car is first turned on, there should be a sound of a vacuum pump (if equipped) for a couple seconds followed by a low hum of water pumps. When driving, there should be sounds of fans, pumps, and the AC compressor (if equipped) if it is turned on. There is also a high pitched whine created by the motor when under load, this is normal and should be expected.

Driving #

To drive the car, look for the car ready icon on the screen. If there is no car ready icon, ensure the car is not plugged in and there are no faults. Once the icon is located, press the brake and hold while you select your gear. Once selected, the brake can be released and the accelerator pedal pressed. The vehicle must come to a complete stop before changing gears, however, it can go into neutral at any time. The emergency stop button immediately turns off the car and should be used in case of a serious issue.

Emergency Stop should only be used in emergencies.

Drive Modes #

In the vehicle panel, there are 3 different drive modes to choose from : Sport, Normal, Eco. Sport mode will provides increased responsiveness for a livelier driving experience. Normal is the middle ground between Sport and Eco. Eco mode provides the least responsiveness to aid in efficiency. These drive modes can be selected any time while stopped.

Tips for maximum efficiency #

Many things will effect vehicle efficiency such as the aerodynamics, weight, tires, and ambient temperatures. To maximize vehicle efficiency, keep accessories such as air conditioning and cabin heat off, turn regen braking on, and keep the vehicle between 45 and 65 mph.

Performance #

In high or low ambient temperatures, vehicle performance may be decreased.

Driving settings #

Regen braking allows the system to work in reverse resulting in charging the batteries while slowing down. The driver should be aware that regen braking will cause the vehicle to significantly slow down when driver lifts off the throttle. Regen braking will cause the brake lights to turn on while decelerating. Regen braking is not available above 95% battery charge

Idle creep causes the vehicle to slowly move forward or backward depending on what gear is selected. This is to mimic gasoline vehicles.

For cruise control, please see Graphical User Interface

Parking #

Depending on the motor option that was chosen with your kit, you may need to engage a manual parking brake. The list below shows which motors need parking brakes.

  • Tesla Small Front Drive Unit – Manual Parking Brake Required
  • Cascadia Motion IDM-190 – No Parking Brake Required
  • Cascadia Motion IM-255 – No Parking Brake Required

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