Graphical User Interface

Explore our fully customized interface for EV applications designed by Ampere EV. With an android-based graphical user interface, explore a fully featured infotainment system, featuring customizable gauge designs and layouts, custom company branding options, and integrated multimedia controls.

Interface Features:

  • Cruise Control Toggles
  • Navigation
  • Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music support
  • Charging controls
  • Climate Control
  • Drive Modes
  • Data logging

High Performance Hardware

Advanced hardware & software that exceeds any options currently on the market including a Quad Core Processor, & High Resolution Capacitive Touchscreen.

4G Cellular Connectivity

Use your car’s own internet connection via a portable 4G wireless modem, its own SIM card, network connection and monthly data allowance.

GPS Satellite Navigation

Let our geographical triangulation give you the ability to find your positioning, navigation, and time estimate wherever you find yourself

Music & Navigation

The map allows users to look up navigation to any address and pan around surrounding streets.

The music player supports play via Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. Users can skip, play, and pause music directly on the dashboard.

Vehicle Controls

The vehicle tab allows the user to control a variety of both driving and information settings. 

These settings include climate control, cruise control. drive mode, regen braking, idle creep, and odometer displays.

Charging Controls

The charging tab shows users the power efficiency of the car over several distances. 

Additionally, users can view the range and capacity of the battery as well as what they want the car to charge to when plugged in.

Vehicle Monitoring

The monitoring page allows users to view some of the more detailed information of their vehicle. 

Additionally, they can enable data logging and read this information back.

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