Support for the North American Charging standard will be coming to all Ampere EV drive systems in 2024. customers will soon have access to the largest charging network in the world utilizing the compact NACS charging connector.



The NACS charging connector is extremely compact compared to its CCS counterpart.


NACS version 3 chargers can supply up to 250 kW with future versions supplying up to 1 MW.


NACS chargers have an uptime of 99.96% compared to just 86% for CCS charging stations.


As of November 2023 there are over 17,000 NACS chargers available in the United States alone.

Future Proof

Ampere EV is leading the way in the aftermarket EV space becoming the first manufacturer to announce adoption of the NACS charging standard. NACS adoption ensures that your Atom Drive system will remain useful for many years to come.

Compact Charging Inlet

The NACS charging inlet is much more compact than the CCS combo port and easily fits inside fuel doors and other small locations.

Slim Charging Connector

NACS charging connectors are far more ergonomic than CCS combo 2 connectors.

Global Support

The NACS standard is slated to be adopted by nearly all major OEMs across the globe including:

BMW – Nissan – Toyota – Hyundai – GM – Ford – Volvo – Honda – Mercedes – Jaguar

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