Atom Drive Junction Box HVJB-5-400


Ampere EV’s high voltage junction box is a compact and feature-dense solution for EV power distribution incorporating traction pack fusing, fused high voltage accessory ports, main contactor, pre-charge circuit, high voltage discharge circuit, and integrated High Voltage Inter-Lock connections(HVIL).

High voltage and low voltage connectors included!


  • Main contactor, pre-charge circuit, High voltage discharge unit, accessory fuses
  • Integrated HVIL on each connector.
  • Nickel plated copper bussing
  • Die-cast aluminum IP67 enclosure
  • High quality durable connectors
  • Wire wound chassis mount pre-charge and discharge resistors

HVJB-5-400 Datasheet

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The HVJB-5-400 can be equipped with two different output cable sizes. Many electric motors use 50mm^2 cable to the inverter. It is important to select the right sized cable for the connector, otherwise the cable may not seal properly to the connector.

HV Out Cable Size *
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