Bring EV Technology to your vehicle

The custom Ampere EV Atom Drive System is designed to be a cost-effective, safe, and adaptable EV drivetrain. The fully integrated systems include everything you need to get your vehicle running under electric power!

Bringing OEM quality, safety, and features to your EV conversion!

The electrification of the automotive space is beyond the early-adopter stage and Ampere EV’s mission is to bring electric drivetrains to new classes of vehicles and customers. The Atom Drive System was designed with an integrated and modular approach that allows the same system of components to be suitable for many vehicle platforms. Every system component is designed to work together to make electrifying a vehicle easier than it ever has been before! 

Wanting to bring your classic car, daily driver, or other motorized vehicle into the new age of EV technology? Ampere’s custom Atom Drive System comes with everything you need to convert your vehicle into an electric masterpiece.  Build your system today and request a quote!

An Atlanta, Georgia-based company, Ampere EV designs and integrates electric vehicle systems. By creating an ecosystem of controllers, batteries, HV junction boxes, and other EV system components, Ampere EV offers a one-stop solution for an electric drivetrain.

Why Choose Us

Ampere EV is not a conversion shop. We are a team of designers, engineers, and automotive enthusiasts that are bringing OEM-level vehicle integration to the EV conversion market. Because our modular approach allows us to design and produce components for series production, rather than a build-to-order design, the Atom Drive System offers unparalleled value, integration, and engineering.

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Check the latest news from Ampere EV! Look for updates on our system components, our converted electric vehicles, or new company announcements!

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