Specialty Machines

The Atom Drive system is exceptionally adaptable and can be used to drive anything that utilizes a spinning shaft. Industrial machines can be converted to use our system or built around our system in order to make them quieter and more efficient. By using our system, all of the development is removed from the manufacturer’s hands allowing new products to make it to market quickly and reliably.

In-House VCU Software

The Atom Drive system uses a VCU software owned and controlled by Ampere EV. This allows the system to be modified in any way to fit the need of the system. Ampere EV can work with the customer to provide a system for any application.

Cost Savings

The Atom Drive system is modular in nature. This can help to reduce cost by picking and choosing components to best fit the need. Combined with the VCU software, picking and choosing a system can be very easy and fast.  

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Rapid Development

Because the Atom Drive system is modular, it can decrease development time by using off-the-shelf components to best fit the need. To additionally speed up production time, the VCU software can be customized to fit the need of the application. 

Quick Time-To-Market

The Atom Drive system allows for a very quick time to market because of the modular, plug and play kit. This helps new machines to compete in a quickly evolving market. 

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