The Atom Drive System is a fully integrated electric vehicle drivetrain. The Atom Drive system can be configured with a 42 kWh or 84kWh battery pack, several motor options at different power outputs, and motor packaging options of inline or transaxle arrangements. The Atom Drive System also offers a full suite of vehicle features such as a touchscreen display, DC fast charging, cabin heat, cabin AC compressor, and battery heating.

Vehicle Control Unit

The Ampere EV VCU was designed in-house as the central component of the Atom Drive Control System. The VCU manages vehicle level functions, communications between all components, and driver-vehicle interactions. The Atom Drive VCU comes ready-to-drive out of the box and requires no programming! 

Advanced Control System

Designed to complement the Atom Drive Battery Module and integrated with the Atom Drive VCU, our suite of control system products include a High Voltage Junction Box, Charging Controller, and CCS junction box.

Modular Battery Pack

A battery pack designed specifically for fitting an electric drivetrain into an existing chassis, Ampere EV’s modular battery system splits the battery pack in to several self-contained sub-modules. The system can be equipped in either a 400V 42kWh arrangement with 3 modules or a 400V 84kWh arrangement with 6 modules.

graphical User Interface

Fully customizable interface for EV applications designed by Ampere EV Including high performance hardware, quad core processor, high resolution capacitive touchscreen, GPS, and 4G cellular connectivity.

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