The Atom Drive system is designed to be a complete solution for EV enthusiasts to swap their classic car from gas to electric. Ampere EV’s plug and play Atom Drive system preserves the OEM interior and has options for modern heat and A/C. There are many options to allow the system to fit in different form factors and achieve different power goals.

Low Volume Production

The Atom Drive System is a simple drop-in electric drivetrain perfect for low volume production vehicles. This can take the stress off of the manufacturer and simplify the process of producing a vehicle. Additionally, using our system can advance the time to market significantly. 

specialized machines

The Atom Drive system is exceptionally adaptable and can be used to drive anything that utilizes a spinning shaft. Industrial machines can be converted to use our system or built around our system in order to make them quieter and more efficient. By using our system, all of the development is removed from the manufacturer’s hands allowing new products to make it to market quickly and reliably 

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