DIY EV Conversions

The Atom Drive system is designed to be a complete solution for EV enthusiasts to swap their classic car from gas to electric. Ampere EV’s plug and play Atom Drive system preserves the OEM interior and has options for modern heat and A/C. There are many options to allow the system to fit in different form factors and achieve different power goals.

Simple Installation

Installation of our system is made easy with detailed install guides and fully pre-configured products that are ready to run in your vehicle after being installed and connected. We’ve taken the effort of integrating different solutions by providing a complete system that works together seamlessly. No more frustrating programming, parts sourcing, or engineering to get your electric vehicle conversion up and running!

Plug and Play

The Atom Drive System provides a truly plug and play experience with no programming or calibration required. Each and every system comes with all the software and calibrations to make our system work seamlessly. The detailed documentation provides instructions for all wiring necessary. 

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No prior Experience Needed

The Atom Drive System is safe for first-time users because the batteries are sealed and contain safety features to prevent injury. We also provide detailed documentation to ensure all required knowledge is provided in order to prevent incorrect assembly. 

Advanced Safety Features

The Atom Drive System has all of the modern safety features that EV’s  need. Each of our batteries have a contactor inside the case that physically disconnects it from the rest of the system when it is not in use or  something has gone wrong. This protects the battery from any fault in the rest of the system. This also isolates the battery from the rest of the system if  the battery was to fail. 

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The Atom Drive system includes diagnostic codes just like any new EV. This allows for easy troubleshooting on the first start and future troubleshooting if anything was to break. Our diagnostic system allows users to read codes through the display included in the kit. 

Software updates

The Atom Drive system uses a software that can be updated. This means that future features can be implemented on older systems. This also allows for various types of bug fixes and software modification remotely.

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