The Company

Ampere EV is an engineering design and development company offering well engineered electric powertrain systems for the conversion of internal combustion vehicles. The primary applications for Ampere EV systems are existing vehicles on the road where there is a need or desire to replace them with electric variants.

The team at Ampere EV combines engineering experience from the automotive and electric vehicle spaces with decades of business and leadership experience. The skillset across the company combined with unique and complete system designs positions the company to offer tremendous value to their clients and customers. The team is passionate about both the automotive and electric industries and that passion carries over into building strong and lasting customer relationships.


Our Story

Ampere EV was created to fill the need for a one-stop solution for electrifying a vehicle. After the company’s founders experience with electrifying a CRX race car, it became clear that the budding EV conversion market was lacking simplicity, high level engineering, and availability that would be required to move it mainstream. Thus, Ampere EV was born.

Our Mission

Ampere EV strives to accelerate the electrification of fossil fuel vehicles through a uniquely modular electric ecosystem incorporating OEM level safety, integration, and engineering.

Our Vision

Our vision is to break down the barriers to electrification and provide a complete and well engineered system facilitating the conversion of internal combustion vehicles to all electric.

We seek to provide a sustainable and easily attainable alternative to replacing existing vehicles to compete in tomorrow’s world of emissions standards and fossil fuel bans. There will come a time in the not so distant future where owning and operating an internal combustion vehicle will be more inconvenient and difficult than an all electric version. Ampere EV will position companies and individuals alike to be on at the forefront of a changing society.

Meet the Team

Chief Executive Officer

Matt White obtained a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Central Florida in December 1991. As a young engineer Matt worked in that field for the next several years with companies like Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney as a mechanical design engineer focusing on repair development with Pratt & Whitney.

In 1997, Matt accepted a position as an Applications Engineer supporting the Industrial Metering segment of what was then ABB Water Meters. While at ABB, which later became Elster AMCO, Matt filled many needs as a Municipal Project Manager, Production Manager, and eventually became the Submetering Market and Product Manager. In 2004, Matt founded Meter Technology Werks (MTW) which is now the leading supplier of meters to the submetering market in the US. MTW won the Tampa Small Business of the Year award in 2020.

Throughout his career Matt has always been involved in car culture which has culminated in racing with friends at Atlanta Motorsports Park where Matt is a part owner of Primal Racing Group. Matt’s childhood dream was to race cars and his passion was to develop an electric vehicle “for the people” which has led to his involvement with Ampere EV.


Chief Technology Officer

Blakely Fabiani obtained a BS in Software Engineering from Auburn University in May 2019. Before receiving his degree, Blakely worked as a software and control systems engineer for Premergy, Inc in Macon, Ga beginning in the summer of 2017.

Blakely accepted a full time position with Premergy where he was responsible for designing, engineering, and implementing a complete electric vehicle drivetrain and control system. He returned to University in 2018 and upon receiving his degree accepted a position with Premergy, Inc serving as their VP of Engineering. He continues to serve as VP of Engineering for Premergy overseeing their IP development while serving as Chief Technology Officer for Ampere EV.

Blakely has been a lifelong automotive enthusiast having built and restored a multitude of vehicles. He actively races competitively with Co-founder Matt White at Atlanta Motorsports Park and has developed as deep rooted passion for electric vehicles of all types leading to the founding of Ampere EV.


Chief Engineer

Lawson Sumner received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and concentration in Automotive Engineering, from the Georgia Institute of Technology in December 2020. While at Georgia Tech, Lawson was a leader of the Wreck Racing motorsports organization and a founding member and leader of the Student Competition Center Governing Board.

From 2017 through 2020, Lawson participated in Georgia Tech’s co-op program through a cooperative work plan with General Motors. During this program, he completed 5 work rotations accumulating industry experience in a variety of roles. His assignments included vehicle safety and field investigations, active safety calibration, performance vehicles, advanced chassis CAE, and electric vehicle propulsion calibration. Lawson received commendations for projects valued at over $350,000 in savings for GM and worked on a variety of programs ranging from the Cruise autonomous vehicle to the C8 Corvette.

Lawson has always had a passion for cars and motorsports, enjoying hobbies of both building and racing vehicles. From his experience building a Factory Five 818 kit car, Lawson wondered how the EV technology proliferating through the automotive space could be brought to vehicle projects such as his own—eventually leading to a connection with Matt and Blake joining the Ampere EV team. He currently serves as Ampere EV’s Chief Engineer, leading the engineering and design of Ampere’s physical products and leverages his automotive OEM experience to ensure that Ampere maintains industry-standard validation practices and leads the field in EV conversion technology.

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