Low Volume OEM Production

The Atom Drive System is a simple drop-in electric drivetrain perfect for low volume production vehicles. This can take the stress off of the manufacturer and simplify the process of producing a vehicle. Additionally, using our system can advance the time to market significantly. 

Rapid Development

The Atom Drive System uses modular components which allows for rapid development for new applications. There are a number of options to fit different vehicles such as different battery sizes, charging options, cabin A/C, etc. On top of this, our system allows for reletivally quick development for new features. 

Testing and Quality Control

Ampere EV takes care of all quality control and testing of each kit. This can cut down on the time needed to manufacture a vehicle as well as the amount of defects. With quality control taken care of, more time and effort can go into the engineering of the vehicle. 

All New Components

The Atom Drive system can be optioned with all new components. Ampere EV sources new components for everything in the kit. All components produced by Ampere EV are built and tested in house. 

Cost Savings

Using the Atom Drive system can help save money while developing a new vehicle. Ampere EV handles all of the development costs as well as quality control. That allows an OEM to save on the cost of development while also ensuring each system is functional. 

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