Modular Battery Pack

Modular Design

Modular design allows the pack to be distributed as allowed by existing chassis and allows for multiple voltage and capacity configurations.

Engineered Safety

Each battery module includes UL94 V-0 or better materials, integrated battery cooling and management, and TouchSafe connections that are not energized until everything is properly connected. 

Leading Innovation

The cell-to-pack design & composite case reduce the weight & maximize strength of the module to create an energy dense pack. Optimized battery cooling & monitoring extract maximum performance from the pack while maintaining safe operating conditions.

Asymmetric Regression Cooling Plate

The unique design of the Atom Drive cooling plate is driven by performance and efficiency optimization.

  • CFD Flow Optimized

    Customized to the Atom Drive battery module, the water flow channels were developed using CFD simulations to balance pressure drop, temperature distribution, and heat transfer.

  • Balanced Cell Cooling

    In order to maximize cell performance and life, the cooling plate is designed to maintain equal temperatures across all cells in the module.

Ampere Favicon

What Does this mean for you?

Our compact modules interlock, can be mounted in multiple orientations, and scale to fit any vehicle you want to convert. Safety and adaptive capabilities are at the forefront of our battery system design and the Atom Drive System battery modules make installing a high voltage battery in a vehicle easier, safer, and cheaper than it ever has been before! All that’s required is mounting the modules in the platform of your choice. No worrying about how to setup a battery management system, safely connect high voltage bussing, or cooling. Just plug and play!


Capacity: 42 kWh (3 Modules) or 84 kWh (6 Modules)

Voltage: 365V Nominal (800V coming 2022)

Weight: 82.5 kg (182 lbs)

Module Width: 504mm (19.84in)

Module Length: 777mm (30.6in)

Module Height: 160mm (6.3in)

Cooling: Asymmetric regression cooling plate

Battery Management: Integrated Ampere EV BMS

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