We design our VCU in house using a Vertical-Integration focused structure. This allows us to have complete control over every aspect of the VCU, and make the installation and setup much easier for you, our user. 

This form of VCU architecture allows us to add new features to the VCU to create a more enjoyable and unique EV experience. Vertical Integration also gives us the ability to integrate many components into the the system, which allows control of all the interior and drive functions of the vehicle in one place.

Advanced functionality

Having an in-house developed VCU also allows us to design a unique and cutting-edge experience all in one system. Using our Atom Drive System, many features found on modern EVs are available right out of the box, with no set up or programming required.

Multiple drive modes, regenerative braking, climate controls, and more can all be accessed and configured out of the box, all from the same system controls.

CONTROL layout

The VCU is the heart of out Atom Drive System. Here’s a quick look into the layout of the components working tandem with the VCU.

safety Features

Creating and installing an EV system can be dangerous. With this thought in mind, we created one of the safest EV systems available. The VCU has full control over the safety monitoring system, and uses advanced diagnostics techniques to display all necessary faults to the driver through standard fault indicators

Our VCU can also modify the vehicles performance based on safety monitoring readings, just like a modern EV. By taking Temperature monitoring, High Voltage System Control readings, and other feedback methods, the VCU can adjust the vehicles performance to best fit the state of the system. These safety features are accessible straight from the box.

Hardware Specs

We chose the best possible hardware to fit all possible vehicle applications. We use an automotive grade VCU with a waterproof aluminum housing that can withstand temperatures up to 105ºC and is IP 6k9k compliant. With three unique CANBus networks, 100 general IO and a robust water and dust rating, the hardware we use is suitable for all vehicle environments and applications.

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